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New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention

Registration Reminders and Announcements

Happy Holidays Arisians!

As the convention approaches, just 16 days away now, please consider pre-registering for the convention. Your check-in process goes a lot faster if all you have to do is check in and pick up your badge, versus filling out the registration form, paying, and getting everything processed. If you pre-register on or before December 31st, the rate is only $50 for a Full, Fast Track, or "Turtle Track" (Babysitting) membership, vs the $60 at-the-door rate. We will have day memberships available at the door.

Overflow Hotel

Contrary to everyone's expectations, it looks as though we will sell out of guest rooms at the Westin Waterfront, so Arisia has signed a contract with the Doubletree Hotel Boston - Downtown as this year's overflow hotel. We hope to find rooms for most of the people on the waiting list, but unfortunately we can't accommodate everyone, and there are no double rooms left in the Westin at all. If you would more information about the overflow hotel, please visit

Blood and Eyeglasses Donation Drives

Every good Mad Scientist (TM) has some extra blood and glasses in their lab, right? Well, why not help out by donating? Every bit helps out another Mad Scientist in need.

Updated Program Participant Schedule

In the past few weeks, the Programming team has been busy updating program participant schedules. The changes we have made were based mainly upon participant feedback and availability, but include other factors as well. If you are an Arisia 2011 program participant, please check your schedule by logging into the Programming web page with your existing Badge ID and password at:

LARPs at Arisia

Once again, Arisia welcomes LARPers of all styles and experience levels to come play at any of the fabulous games running at the con this year. Read about the LARPs we're offering this year.

Satoshi Kon Legacy Panel

These professors will be on a Satoshi Kon Legacy panel run somewhat like "The View" Sunday at 12:30pm in Stone Room.

Tomoko Shimizu is a professor of English literature and cultural studies and media and globalization at the University of Tsukuba located in Ibaraki, Japan. Currently she is a visiting scholar at Harvard University's Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, researching the Japan Media Network and the Anime Culture.

Art Show Entries

Every year, Arisia features a fun and interesting Art Show and this year promises to be no different. There will be costume exhibits, Josh Simpson's work and Student Art Contest entries. But time is running out if *you* want to be part of the Art Show as the sign up ends Dec 15th! Go to and fill in the form to reserve space.

Breakfast Buffet with cool people!

Come join us for a Breakfast Buffet with your favorite Guest of Honor or special guest!

The Breakfast Buffet will be Sunday morning (January 16, 2011) at 11AM.

Tickets for the Breakfast Buffet are $35 and now available here.

This will be a great opportunity at the convention to sit down and chat with your choice of a fannish "person of interest," such as one of our Guests of Honor. In total, we plan to have 12 tables of 8 persons each; at each table will be a special guest. We are currently working with Programming to identify and schedule the special participants. As soon as that is done, we will be sending out a notification to all those who have already purchased their banquet tickets so they can identify their top four choices of tables. This is definitely a first-come, first-served event, so buy your ticket early if you want to make sure you get your top choice!

Special Guest Seanan McGuire

Arisia 2011 excitedly announces that Seanan McGuire has graciously agreed to be a Special Guest of the convention this year.

Seanan McGuire is an American author and filker. She was awarded the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer by the 2010 World Science Fiction Convention. This award was announced at Aussiecon 4 on September 5, 2010. As this award is in the form of a tiara and the award was presented in Australia, Seanan has blogged that this makes her "Officially the Princess of the Kingdom of Poison and Flame". In 2010, McGuire's novel FEED (written under the pseudonym Mira Grant) ranked #74 in an National Public Radio listener poll of the top 100 Thriller novels of all time. McGuire has won three Pegasus Awards and been nominated for 4 more.

Author Signings

Want someone to sign a piece of paper (or doomsday device) for you? The people can help:

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